Best Cars for the Nervous Driver

Does driving on public roads make you feel anxious? If so, you are not alone. Although most people will become a motorist at some point in their lives, anxiety associated with driving is common. Being a nervous driver can be crippling whether you are a daily commuter or if you use your car only occasionally for the odd grocery trip.

So, how can you beat those nerves? While some will suggest joining the Institute for Advanced Motorists for tips and advice, another thing to consider is getting a car that’s easy to operate. Having a vehicle you can manoeuvre easily will help to build your confidence, and this goes an incredibly long way to keep your anxiety at bay. Here are some things to look out for when choosing your vehicle:

Don’t drive a beat up car

People will often tell you to get an old and worthless car to drive around in because you will worry less about damaging it than if you buy a brand new machine. While having something expensive may exacerbate your nerves, it simply makes no sense to drive a beat up car.

Much of your anxiety comes from a lack of confidence in your ability to operate the vehicle on a busy public road, and you will only make things worse if you steer around an unreliable machine that’s difficult to handle and prone to break downs. You are simply much better off scrapping it with BMS Salvage and using the extra cash to get a safer car to practice in. Not only will BMS Salvage offer competitive quotes, they will also arrange to pick up your car at no cost to you. This saves time, hassle, and makes life a whole lot easier.

Get second hand

An ancient or damaged car is a no-no, but a reliable second hand vehicle does make sense. Make sure you get the car from a reputable used car dealer, and find out about the vehicle’s full history before committing to a purchase. Take a mechanic along with you to view a car if you can, so you can get them to inspect the engine and look out for any signs of damage.

Get a small car

Some people also advocate bigger cars for nervous drivers, like four wheel drives, reasoning these can make you feel like you have a sturdier frame around you and enhance your confidence. Again, while there may be some truth in this, it is far more likely that you will find a big vehicle to be hard to steer, difficult to guide into parking spots and too powerful for your needs.

Most car makers have smaller models that are perfect for cruising around busy traffic and squeezing into tight spaces. For an idea of what you might like to consider, try Ford Ka, Nissan Micra, VW Polo, Vauxhall Corsa and Renault Clio.

Get an automatic

A few people snicker at those drive automatic vehicles, but for the nervous motorist, having a car that doesn’t need its gears changed constantly is a godsend. This allows you to pay more attention to road conditions and the traffic around you, which is definitely a good thing when you want to build up your confidence.

If you are worried that steering an automatic doesn’t give you a ‘real’ driving experience, keep in mind that you can always change your vehicle once you feel comfortable with your own driving skills.