Scrap Your Car Using the Largest Network of Collectors in the UK

BMS Salvage specialise in the collection of scrap vehicles and damaged cars. We know that scrapping a car can be a confusing and stressful process so we set to work creating a service which does the hard work for you. Over the years we have built a large network of ATF (authorised treatment facilities) and salvage vehicle buyers. We collect salvage cars thougout the UK. When a customer wants to sell or scrap a vehicle we then compare the prices of all these buyers and put them in touch with the most suitable buyer.

Can I legally scrap my car for cash?

At present it is still legal to pay cash for scrap cars although in October 2012 it became illegal to pay cash for illegal to pay cash for scrap metal.

Nowadays the majority of buyers pay via online transfer or cheque as these methods have traceability. Bank transfers are now almost instant, allowing a seller to check the funds are cleared in their account prior to their vehicle being removed.

Ensuring you get the best scrap car value for any given vehicle.

There are a huge number of factors which affect what a buyer will pay for a vehicle. This is why we have built a large network – this helps ensure we can put you in contact with the buyer most suited to your location and vehicle. For more in-depth information about value, visit our salvage car value page.

Pricing factors include:

The weight of the vehicle: This is perhaps the most important factor as the main value of a scrap vehicle is its scrap metal value.

Value of the parts: This is quite a difficult thing to quantify as the value of the parts is based on a large number of factors including age, rarity and present demand. Another factor is the time taken to remove the parts against their resale value.

Proximity to collection agent: Most buyers offer a collection service but the rising fuel prices mean that local collection teams can often pay more competitive prices. Our prices always include free collection so the price you are quoted is the amount you will receive.

Is the vehicle repairable? If your vehicle is of high resale value or only has small issues then some buyers may be interested in repairing the car. In this situation they can often pay a higher price than any scrap vehicle collector. Typically this would only apply to vehicle newer than 2002.

Friendly and professional collectors: We constantly monitor the performance of our buyers and make sure that they are keeping up our high standards of service. Any collectors which fail to meet the required standards are banned from the network immediately. Please feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any comment on the service we provide as we are always keen to improve.