How To Sell Your MOT Failure

If it has come the time that your trusty vehicle has started to develop problems, life could get a little expensive. While MOT tests are designed to ensure the safety of your vehicle they can too discover costly repairs that are necessary to keep your vehicle roadworthy. At BMS Salvage our in house valuations advisors are experts in the field and have a thorough understanding of all MOT failures and their associated costs.

If you are selling your car because it has become uneconomical to repair, there are certain details that will help us in raising the highest value for your car. You will need either the test number from the MOT failure print out or the document reference number from the V5C logbook. This will enable us to look closer at the vehicle history and specifically the list of faults that have rendered the vehicle uneconomical to repair. If so then sell you MOT failure to us today.

As a salvage company, we will be buying the vehicle either for its components or to repair it, using parts from other salvage cars. This is why we need a thorough understanding of the damaged components at the time of the valuation. Unlike other companies, we will quote and guarantee an offer on the phone and not at the time of collection. This means that we are clear from the outset as to the offer for the car. Other companies prefer to quote high first, leaving them the opportunity to send someone out to your vehicle to find faults to reduce the price. This can put you in an uncomfortable position and leave you selling your car for less than you would have wanted. It is important to us that you get what you rightfully deserve for your car.

It is important to find the right buyer for your car at this critical time. Selling it privately is probably not an option at this point, as most people would not purchase a vehicle with a poor bill of health and selling it to an unregistered entity can present awkward legal situations in the future. At BMS Salvage we will either buy it ourselves or offer it out to one of our trusted salvage partners across the country. This web of buyers has provided us with the ability to find the right buyer, paying the highest price for every vehicle in the country.