The Best European Christmas Markets

There is no better way to get into the festive spirit than a visit to the Christmas markets. Rather than limiting yourself to local festivities, why not make it really special this year by taking a road trip to visit markets further afield? For ideas of where you can go, here is a list of the best markets in both the UK and around Europe.


Taking place from 11-21 December this year, there will be more than 40 exhibitors selling their wares. Whether you are after a German Bratwurst, some Christmas decorations or a glass of warm German mulled wine, you will find plenty of options at this big event.


Christmas is a big deal in Edinburgh. Offering six weeks of festive entertainment, you will find lots of shows, rides and attractions as well as Christmas markets in the heart of the city centre. Choose from the Children’s market, the European Christmas market or the Scottish market for your festive goodies.


There is a constant scent of cinnamon in the city around Christmas time. There are plenty of festive markets to choose from: one in the pretty Niederdorf quarter, another next to the 50ft tall Christmas tree at the main train station, or you will also find others in the Old Town districts of Winterthur or Rapperswil. These markets have an emphasis on local crafts and handmade gifts. You will also find lots of roasted almonds and mulled wine on offer.


With a number of Christmas markets dotted around town, the biggest one of them is the Christ child market, which is located at Lucerne station and features around 50 market stalls. For something a little different, try the Venite market at Kapeliplatz. With twenty stands from twenty countries around the world, you will get to see the typical Christmas items from each country.


Said to have roots going all the way back to the 14th century, the Munich Christmas market held on the Marienplatz in the heart of the city centre is an event not to be missed. Offering traditional Bavarian and handmade Christmas gifts, including woodcarving, gingerbread and exquisite glassware, you can be sure to find something unique to take home.


A great place to get into the Christmas spirit, the Salzburg Christmas market in the beautiful cathedral square features traditional stalls, delicious Christmas cookies, aromatic tree ornaments and many pieces of art and craft.

Getting to your destination

You could catch a plane or a train to your European market of choice, but imagine the experience you can have if you trek across Europe in your family car!

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By driving across Europe, you will skip the queues at the airport or train station and actually travel comfortably in your own vehicle with all the privacy in the world. With carols blaring from your in-car speakers while kids and adults munch away on festive treats, everyone will feel much more relaxed and have a great time.