How To Choose The Best Car For A Teenager

Passing a driving test is a major achievement and for a teenager it is a big deal, a milestone in their lives and a major responsibility – it confirms their journey into adulthood. Now that your teenager is able to drive legally, the next step is to choose a car. How difficult can it be, right?

Buying a car for your teen is not only about the fact that they are now able to drive on the road without an ‘L’ plate or an instructor but also about managing the financial responsibility of owning a vehicle. It isn’t a bad idea to encourage your teenager to save up some money in preparation for general maintenance of the car including fuel costs, MOT, tax and insurance. Remember that the car is ultimately their responsibility and if they do not have a job, consider helping them to make a plan of action to subsidise the cost of having a car. Driving-Test

Ideally you’d want your teenager to choose which car they will own but in reality, this may not be possible. Given the option, your teenager will most likely choose a newer car model, which may be way over budget and not practical for a first car. Remember, as a new driver, the risks are greater for a few knocks and bumps. This doesn’t mean that your teenager must start out driving an old runner but good judgment should be used when selecting their first car. A used car may be a better option financially but make sure you research online or at a used car dealership, to make sure that it offers the same safety features as the standard on newer cars.

Consider the engine size when buying a car for your teenager, as it may have a higher rate of vehicle road tax. Also, consider the cost of car insurance, it may be slightly higher for new drivers, especially young male drivers as they are deemed to be more risky than young female drivers.

When it comes to road safety, the size of the car needs to offer the maximum level of protection possible. If the vehicle were to be involved in a road collision, consider the fact that smaller compact cars offer less protection than bigger cars. The car size should be fairly small and manageable yet capable of withstanding a crash.

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Although, a well maintained car should last your teenager for a while, it may at some point suffer a major mechanical failure. If this were the case, you might want to consider, contacting BMS Salvage to salvage your car.