Be Prepared For Long Distance Driving

If you are going away this summer, it is likely that you have thought through all the items you need to take with you such as clothing and accessories.  However, have you considered the items you should carry with you in your car?  For most people, a long distance drive should not prove too problematic but it pays to be prepared as you can never plan for every eventuality.

Of course, staying safe when driving long distances is about more than just the equipment you have in your boot.  This guide from Safe Travel offers advice on how to prepare and take care of yourself, your car and other passengers when driving long distances and this advice from the AA shares what to do if you start to feel tired when driving.

Additionally, it may pay to get your car checked over before you set off on any long journey to make sure it is road worthy for the number of miles you plan to drive.  If you are determined to go on your long distance road trip then it might be worth considering scrapping your old car and getting a new one ahead of your journey.

If your car is okay, you feel prepared mentally for your journey, then here is a list of must have items to carry in your boot:-

Warning Triangle and High Vis Vest

If you are travelling to certain European countries then this is a basic requirement but it pays to have it in your boot wherever your destination.  Not the most attractive accessory but if you break down or get into car trouble late at night then at least you can guarantee you will be seen.


It is worth topping up your oil before you head off on a long journey and, likewise, you should check it before your return trip too.  If you have a bottle of oil, save your money and take it with you rather than having to purchase new oil for the purpose of one trip.


Not only extra water for drinking (in case you get stuck in the middle of nowhere) but also water which can be used as emergency coolant top up.  This is particularly important if you are driving to a hotter climate.

Jump Leads

Useful not only in case you break down or need a boost to your car battery but also for providing assistance to other motorists who may not have been as organised as you.

Disposable Gloves

Handy for all kinds of things but predominantly can be used to keep hands clean if you need to change a tyre or top up oil.


In case you get into difficulty in the dark of night and need to find your way around the boot or interior of your car and don’t have lighting.


You might consider this to be more of a seasonal addition but remember that even in warm countries, the temperature can drop considerably once the sun has set.  It is always worth having extra blankets in the boot of your car, even if they just get used as a floor covering when you are sitting on the side of the road waiting for assistance to reach you!