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The luxurious Mercedes is one of Germany’s premier car brands, proving immensely popular all across Europe and even around the rest of the world, too. However, while German engineering is genuinely quite impressive and reliable, even Mercs will meet their end eventually. It could simply be because they fall too far behind the modern world of automotive tech, or it could be because years of use has worn it out until it can go no more. There’s always the extreme possibility that it could be written off in an accident, too! What happens to those cars once they can no longer be kept running? Many of them are sold as salvage, and yours can be too. Just give BMS Salvage a call on 023 8000 8800 and get your Mercedes valued now!

Why salvage your Mercedes with us?

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We bought a Mercedes E-Class just like this one after it owner’s insurer considered it a Category N (non-structural) write off. The price we offered was more than double the scrap price.

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Why Are Mercedes Sold As Salvage?

Like every other vehicle on the market, Mercedes cars are sold as salvage for numerous reasons. The most common reasons include vehicle damage, likely suffered after an accident, and excessive wear and tear after years of use.

Despite the reputation that German cars have, Mercedes are not immune to problems. Some of the more common problems found have included suspension problems, gearbox issues and a few seat belt failures that are known on multiple models. We’ve seen C-Class Mercs coming in to us suffering with the well-known steering problem, while CLKs often have major suspension problems – in fact, 33% of them are suspected to have to been built to that flawed design.

A car that would be considered a write off by your insurance company might fetch more as salvage if you were to retain it and sell it yourself. Of course, if it’s been involved in a particularly serious smash, it’s unlikely that there will be much left to salvage, so the scrap route might be more appropriate. If your motor has only suffered isolated damage however, components from other areas should still be in working order and able to be stripped out and reused in other cars. If it’s deemed safe to do this, you could end up with a better price for your car than you anticipated.

Your Mercedes could also have suffered a major mechanical fault or MOT failure which will leave you with a huge bill to pay. In this instance, many drivers simply sell their car as salvage as they can’t afford the repairs and it would be almost impossible to find a serious buyer for it privately.

On the other hand, you might have a car that’s in decent condition that you just don’t need anymore. If you fall into this category of drivers but don’t want the hassle of trying to sell the car privately, you could have it shifted and money in your account within just a few days by getting in touch with BMS Salvage.

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Frequently asked Questions

How is salvaging different to scrapping?

Salvaging is the process in which someone buys car ‘as is’ as its value is likely higher than the scrap price. Whereas scrap prices are based on weight, your Mercedes could be salvaged if the car as a whole or parts of the car are in high demand from buying agents throughout the UK. Selling your car for salvage is nearly always guaranteed to get you more money for your end of life vehicle.

How much is my Mercedes worth?

The value of a salvage Mercedes can be impacted by a number of factors. The age, mileage and general condition of the vehicle will have an impact on how much you’ll make from your car when it’s time to sell, with cars that contain more reusable parts typically worth more than a similar model that’s got less components left in it to be transplanted to other vehicles.

How quickly can my Mercedes be collected?

We can collect your Mercedes as quickly as 24 hours after completing your booking with us. However it’s more likely that the collection would happen 48 to 72 hours after booking. We’ll have a professional car collection agent inspect and safely pick up your car from its location.

How does payment work?

Payment is released in full on the day your Mercedes is collected. This usually happens within a few hours of collection but could be processed at the end of the working day. When your vehicle is collected the collecting agent will inspect the vehicle to ensure it is as described. So long as the vehicle matches our records then payment is made via BACS and with you the same day.

Which Mercedes cars have you salvaged?

We’ve seen just about every Mercedes model from the past 30 years including the Sprinter, B-Class, E-Class, CL500, S-Class, M-Class, and Vito. The most common Mercedes models we salvage are the SLK Kompressor, C-Class C220 and the CLS 320. The average year of original registration was 2008, giving Mercedes cars an average 15 year lifecycle.