Scrap or Salvage Your Citroen Van

Citroen’s range of vans gives those in need of a goods transporter some variety, with the compact Berlingo offering manoeuvrability whilst the Relay gives business owners the carrying capacity that larger scale operations might require.

But what happens when your van has given all it’s got and stops working? What if your entire business grinds to a halt because of it? Sell your unreliable old Citroen van using  BMS Salvage and you can have money in the bank for a new hauler in just a few days, leaving you out of action for the absolute minimum amount of time. There’s no need to hang around waiting for interest from a private buyer; we gather up the best prices for your van and present them to you in seconds, allowing you to pick the one which you think offers the best value.

Scrapping Your Citroen Van

Depending on the condition of your van, you might be presented with two options when selling it with BMS Salvage. While it could be possible for some of it to be salvaged, if your Citroen is showing more severe signs of wear and tear, or if it’s been involved in an accident, it’s more likely that scrapping will be the best route to go down.

And whilst this sounds like you’re losing out, don’t worry – you’re not. The majority of a vehicle’s value actually comes from its weight, or more specifically, the sheer amount of metal it’s made from. Therefore, whether you scrap or salvage, the size of these vehicles means you’re in for a decent pay day.

Salvaging Your Citroen Van

BMS Salvage can still help you out if your van isn’t quite ready for the crusher. If you think it’s got some life left in it, or that under its exterior there are parts still ripe for the picking, get in touch and we’ll find you a top price for the vehicle in no time at all. Our specialist salvage experts are ready and waiting to start breaking down your old Citroen van to strip it of any parts that could still be used. It might sound like a nasty process, but it’s actually a very environmentally friendly way of disposing of your van. Waste not, want not!

This process can still be performed on vans that have suffered damage, component failure or even a failed MOT test. We only work with skilled, professional technicians who know just how to make the most of each and every part that comes from your van.

Selling Your Citroen Van With BMS Salvage

BMS Salvage can get you the best price for your old van with minimal disruption to your business. You can start looking for a replacement immediately, knowing that your old van will be taken away and payment will be sent to you within a matter of days. So, whether it’s ready to be scrapped or has enough life left in it to salvage some parts, come to us and get the best value for your Citroen van.