Scrap or Salvage Your Ford Van

Vans keep the country moving, with Ford being at the forefront of the industry as the workhorse of choice for those in need of space to haul goods. Whether it’s a light load in the back of a smaller Connect or relocating somebody’s every possession to a new home with a long wheelbase Transit, the American-born brand has a van for every situation.

Years of hard graft will start to show eventually, though, with every Ford van reaching its limit one day. Once your current vehicle stops getting the job done effectively, fails its MOT or is simply proving to be a bit of an eyesore for your customers, BMS Salvage can locate the best prices and highest-rated dealers so that you can sell your van as scrap or salvage with the peace of mind that you’re getting unmatched value.

Scrapping Your Ford Van

If your Ford has truly been run into the ground, or worse, it’s been written off by your insurance company after an accident, then selling it as scrap might not only be the best option, but the only option available to you.

Like cars, vans are also given ‘write off categories’ after a crash and the worst-afflicted must be crushed outright. These vans must be sold as scrap, rather than salvage, but many other vehicles that have racked up the miles to the point that wear and tear has deteriorated almost every component will meet the same fate. Don’t worry though, scrap value is mostly determined by the weight of the vehicle and how much metal a dealer will get out of it. A crushed van is still rather large and heavy, which means money in the bank for you.

Salvaging Your Ford Van

If your van is in a better condition but you still want it sold in a hurry, whilst still getting a top price for it, BMS Salvage can still help you out. Our teams will be able to determine which parts of your van are redeemable and understand their value, as will the salvage specialists that we have on our network who are eager to break down your Ford van should you accept one of the offers we present to you.

By the way, don’t think that just because your van has failed it MOT or the engine doesn’t start that it can’t be salvaged. We only work with expert technicians who know exactly how to make the most of every part of every vehicle that comes to them.

Selling Your Ford Van With BMS Salvage

You probably haven’t landed on this page by accident, so if you’ve got a Ford van that needs to be scrapped or salvaged and you’re hoping to recoup a bit of the cash you paid for it back when it was new, BMS Salvage will get you the best value for your vehicle with the highest price on the market. Whether it’s exclusively for scrap metal, or for salvageable parts as well, our service will help you sell your Ford van today.