Scrap or Salvage Your Mercedes-Benz Van

Class and style might be more important when it comes to cars, but that doesn’t mean your business has to settle for a van without it, especially when practicality is still maintained. Mercedes-Benz models include the Sprinter and the Vito, and they might not be the highest-selling vans to grace the UK’s roads, but these models are a common sight amongst the workforce.

Mercedes-Benz vans aren’t invincible, of course, and if you sit on one for too long as it starts to deteriorate, you run the risk of it breaking down or letting you down in other ways at the worst possible time, like in the middle of a job. BMS Salvage can find you a scrap dealer or salvage buyer that’s ready and equipped to take your van off your hands and break it down to parts and scrap metal. Our service finds you the best value for your Mercedes van with a price that always reflects the current market.

Scrapping Your Mercedes-Benz Van

German engineering can’t keep your Mercedes-Benz van running forever, and if it ends up in a particularly bad condition – whether that’s through overall wear and tear or as the result of an accident, there’s a strong chance that it will end up being scrapped. Scrapping involves crushing the vehicle without taking any of the parts from it beforehand, although the vehicle will still be recycled after the completion of the process.

Vans will have a natural advantage over cars on the scrap market, with their value being mostly determined by their weight. The bigger a vehicle is, the heavier it will be thanks to the increased amount of metal used to build it.

Salvaging Your Mercedes-Benz Van

If you’re having second thoughts about whether your van is actually ready to be scrapped, stop right there – vans that are in better condition can be sold as salvage, meaning that they’ll either be restored or be stripped of parts that can be reused. It’s in our name at BMS Salvage, so you know that we can still help you out and maintain our commitment to getting you the best price.

It doesn’t matter if your van has failed its MOT or won’t even start, either. The skilled technicians that we partner with will use their expertise to determine which parts of your vehicle are salvageable and to make the most of every single component.

Selling Your Mercedes-Benz Van With BMS Salvage

Choosing to sell your van is a big decision, especially if your livelihood depends on it. BMS Salvage will get a sale wrapped up in just a few days, with the money paid into your bank account the same day that the vehicle is collected. This means that you won’t have to hang around before you can start looking for a replacement and can get yourself back in business in no time. Whether you’re selling a Mercedes-Benz van to be scrapped or to be salvaged, our service will accurately value your vehicle and find you the best price for it in your local area. Contact BMS Salvage today.