Scrap or Salvage Your Renault Van

Renault vans are a common sight on the UK’s roads, with the likes of the Trafic and the Kangoo being utilised by businesses up and down the country. And, as commercial demand continues to grow, plus more and more shopping being done from home, owning a vehicle that can carry your product from its source to its consumer is likely to always be an important factor in any business.

Perhaps you already know what it’s like to work with a Renault van having done so for long enough to run one into the ground? If that’s the case and you’ve now got one sitting on your site that’s had its day, BMS Salvage offers a service that can help you get the best price for your van while ensuring that your Renault’s value is accurately determined in line with the market.

Scrapping Your Renault Van

If your Renault can run no more, then it might – though not for certain – only be fit for the crusher. As opposed to selling it as salvage, scrapping your van will result in it being crushed with all of its components still in place. This is more common after a nasty accident has written it off, but scrapping can be done when none of the parts are thought to be in a fit condition to be salvaged and reused.

Scrap value is decided by the mass of the vehicle, with heavier vans being worth more. This is simply down to the fact that there’s more metal for the dealers to get their hands on once the van is crushed. So, don’t feel like you’re losing out if your van’s in no state to be salvaged. We’ll still make sure you get what your Renault is worth.

Salvaging Your Renault Van

If you think that some parts of your van still have some life left in them, but you still need to upgrade to something newer, BMS Salvage can still help you out. Our teams can recognize  which parts of your van are worth saving and they know their worth, just like the salvage specialists that we have on our network who will be keen to break down your Renault van should you accept one of our offers.

Even a van that has failed it MOT or an engine that doesn’t start can be salvaged. We only work with expert technicians who are able to make the most of every part of every vehicle that comes to them.

Selling Your Renault Van With BMS Salvage

If you’re here, you’re most likely already in the market for a scrap dealer that’s willing to purchase your van and take it off your hands for a great price. BMS Salvage does just that, locating offers of the highest value so that you don’t need to call around to each and every scrap yard haggling for a deal. The same goes for salvaging your van. If it’s got parts that are still in a reasonable condition, our buyers will be able to extract them and put them to good use. So, whether it’s scrap or salvage, contact BMS Salvage today.