Scrap or Salvage Your Vauxhall Van

Whether it’s the Vivaro or the Combo, Vauxhall offers up transportation solutions for owners of businesses large and small around the UK. Their range of vans are a common sight on our roads and probably aren’t going away anytime soon as a whole.

As for individual Vauxhall vans, however, that’s a different story. As with every make, model and type of vehicle, these vans deteriorate with use, get involved in smashes or simply need to be sold in a hurry. BMS Salvage can make that happen, regardless of why you need to part with the vehicle, by finding you the best price from scrap dealers or an affiliate salvage buyer no matter where you are.

Scrapping Your Vauxhall Van

It can depend on what state your van is in, but when selling it with BMS Salvage you could be given two options that sound similar, and are, but they have some distinct differences. Your Vauxhall might be in a salvageable condition, but if it’s severely run-down, damaged or just really, really old, it’s more likely to only be suitable for scrap metal.

A vehicle’s scrap weight is what determines its value, with heavier vans generally being worth more than smaller cars. So, whether you scrap or salvage, the size of these vehicles means you’re in for a decent pay day.

Salvaging Your Vauxhall Van

If your van is in a better condition but you still want it sold, whilst still getting a great price for it, BMS Salvage can still help you out. Our teams will be able to determine which parts of your van are redeemable and understand their value, as will the salvage specialists that we have on our network who are eager to break down your Vauxhall van should you accept one of the offers we present to you.

By the way, don’t think that just because your van has failed it MOT or the engine doesn’t start that it can’t be salvaged. We only work with expert technicians who know exactly how to make the most of every part of every vehicle that comes to them.

Selling Your Vauxhall Van With BMS Salvage

BMS Salvage can get you the best price for your old van with minimal disruption to your business. You can start looking for a replacement immediately, knowing that your old van will be taken away and payment will be sent to you within a matter of days. So, whether it’s ready to be scrapped or has enough life left in it to salvage some parts, come to us and get the best value for your Vauxhall van.