2014 Car Sales Continue to Rise

UK roads are busier than ever in 2014, and this is unsurprising when you consider the rapid growth enjoyed by the automotive industry in recent years.

Figures show that car sales are definitely on the up, with the number of new cars sold in September reaching an incredible 425,861, which is an increase of over 5% on car sales at this point last year. September is usually a busy year for car sales with the introduction of the new registration plates. The UK made the move to have two new registration plates released each year back in 1999, and this has resulted in a swarm of new sales being made in March and September as motorists flock to get their hands on the newest hybrid models.

Demand for the new 64 plate this September has been further intensified by the stabilising British economy and the total number of cars sold in 2014 now stands at almost two million. However, with so many new cars on the road each and every year, we are seeing more and more congestion, not to mention pollution, on our country’s roads – which begs the question, do households have too many cars?

Many households have at least two vehicles, and as families grow up this soon increases to three of four, as children learn to drive and invest in their own car. Most new drivers have been tempted to start their driving career in a second hand motor with a smaller engine that better suits their budget both in terms of initial purchase and insurance costs, however the current finance deals on newer cars are making the idea of a brand new car far more affordable.

The majority of UK car dealers offer free servicing and MOTs on all new car sales, and often include free insurance for the first year which dramatically reduces the initial outlay for new drivers. Motorists can enjoy highly competitive finance deals too which will enable them to spread the cost of their new car over a period of time to suit them. Furthermore modern cars are far more fuel efficient which will save young people money when it comes to refuelling and these advanced cars also come equipped with the latest technology such as parking sensors and automatic braking systems which can assist new drivers as they gain experience and develop their driving skills on the road.

With new registrations being so much more accessible, there will of course be a large number of unused or unwanted second hand cars in circulation that will require a great deal of work and maintenance to keep them road worthy.

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