Great Car Deals of the Moment

If you are hunting for a new car, then don’t let the list price put you off from your favourite vehicles. According to What car? research, there are significant discounts available from many carmakers if you are prepared to haggle hard.

Fancy a BMW?

If you have always wanted to own a BMW, then now is the time to put in your best offer. Buyers can get up to almost a third off the list price of the BMW 7 series, and you can get savings of 24 to 26 per cent on the BMW 650i Convertible and the BMW Z4 too.

The huge discount on the 7 series has come about because it is about to be replaced by a newer version, so naturally, many car dealers are looking to offload the soon-to-be-replaced models fast.

Great deals on Volvo.

Given its reputation for reliability and safety, those who are after a new car for the family will be pleased to know that carmaker Volvo offers the biggest discounts when you take into account sales on its entire range. On average, you can expect to save around 14.7 per cent from the list price of a Volvo. However, the savings on some models are much greater than this. Expect discounts of around 23 per cent for a Volvo S80, S60 or a XC70; or 20 per cent for a Volvo XC90.

Skoda Roomster 30 per cent cheaper

If your budget is a bit tighter, then a Skoda Roomster at 30 per cent cheaper might be more realistic. Offering plenty of space and practical transport, you will find perks like parking sensors, electric windows, metallic paint and air-conditioning all featured on this vehicle.

Wiggle room for many car brands

Far from just the luck of the draw, the study by Which Car? suggests that buyers can walk away with discounts as long as they are prepared to haggle hard. This is because many car makers are willing to offer discounts on regular models, with Volvos offering the most savings as mentioned above, followed by Renault at 13.6 per cent and BMW at 13.2 per cent off the list price of their vehicles.

The art of haggling a good deal

Even if you are not an experienced buyer, you can still haggle a good deal and save yourself a lot of money. The secret to success is to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can. For example, finding the target price of vehicles you are interested in will ensure you walk into a showroom knowing what you can demand.

If you know the recent sales trend for the type of car you want to buy, then you have even more of a chance to talk your way to a good deal.

Financing and trade-ins

If you plan to take out a car loan to finance your car, then a good deal on the price of the car is just the start. You will need a good deal for your car loan too.

You might also want to trade-in your current vehicle. However, bear in mind that car dealers often offer lower prices for trade-ins. If you have an old vehicle lying dead in the driveway, then now is the time to scrap your car with BMS Salvage to free up more money for your new purchase.