2015: What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

Whether you choose to spend the festive period with family or friends, you will undoubtedly be asked about your New Year’s resolution at least once. Have you thought about how the next year can be better than the last? If not, here are some ideas on the sort of goals you can set.

Saving money

On top of most people’s priority list year after year is the wish to save more money. Although the old adage that money can’t buy happiness has some truth to it, no one can argue that having extra cash results in a more comfortable lifestyle.

How do you achieve prosperity in 2015? The answer is to think creatively. Can you cut down on unnecessary expenditure like your daily Starbucks coffee? What about bringing your lunch to work instead of buying from the work canteen or nearby shops?

You can no doubt cut down on your motor costs too. Consider alternatives like catching more transport, having one family car instead of two, getting an electronic car to save on fuel costs and to take advantage of the tax incentives, or scrapping an old car which is doing nothing other than sitting in your driveway or garage. If you decide to get rid of an unwanted car, just call BMS Salvage, who will offer decent money for your vehicle and even come to pick it up for free.

Exercising more

Linked to scrapping your car and if the resolutions in 2014 are anything to go by, there will undoubtedly be many people who put exercise on their list of goals for the year. There are many ways to incorporate more physical activity in your life of course. Apart from joining the gym, you can also consider walking or running to work instead of taking your car, walking the stairs instead of taking the lift, doing more housework and scheduling regular exercise sessions.

Eating better

While losing weight has always been a popular goal, the general public’s increased knowledge regarding how our diet can affect our health has led to a greater emphasis on eating better instead. Many now hold the view that weight isn’t the only barometer to your state of health, and losing weight won’t necessarily lead to improved wellbeing either.

For ideas of how you can eat better in 2015, check out the advice and tips from Eating Better, an organisation focused on improving the diets of Britons all over the country.

Giving something back

If you have always wanted to get involved with charity work, then why not give yourself a push in the right direction by making it your New Year’s resolution? You can find a range of volunteering options online, or you can even just ask around to see if anyone you know needs a helping hand.

Having less gadget time

Most of us confess to spending too much time on our gadgets. Whether it’s an iPad, iPhone or any other electronic device, we can’t help ourselves but prioritise them ahead of spending quality time with our partner or our children. If you’ve been secretly feeling guilty about your gadget use, then set some boundaries for 2015 – you won’t regret it!