Merry Christmas from BMS Salvage!

Since Christmas is almost upon us, our team at BMS Salvage would like to be one of the first to wish all our customers and website visitors a Merry Christmas and a safe festive season. Whatever your plans and wherever you need to travel to, we hope you are able to get there in the comfort of a reliable vehicle.

If your car is no longer the vehicle it once was, and is actually just sitting in the garage or driveway rusting away, then why not get in touch with us? At BMS Salvage, we pride ourselves in making the scrappage of your car simple and hassle free.

When you might be wise to scrap your car

Scrapping your car is not an easy decision, especially if your vehicle had been one that served you dutifully for a number of years.

However, if your car has failed an MOT, or became so damaged in an accident that you simply can’t afford to fix it, then it makes sense to let go of your old vehicle and replace it with one that truly works.

For some owners of aged or damaged cars, scrapping an unwanted vehicle is also an easy and fantastic way to get a little extra cash. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to save a little bit more money, then you can definitely get off to a good start by sending your unused car to a licensed scrapyard such as BMS Salvage.

The leading buyer of damaged cars

BMS Salvage operates nationally and is the leading buyer of damaged cars in the UK. With a commitment to offer every customer a fantastic experience, we promise to deliver competitive pricing, free pick up and environmentally friendly methods of recycling your used vehicle.

A simple process

We keep our scrapping process simple so that you can sit back and do a minimal amount of work. Once you decide to scrap your vehicle, just enter its details on our website and we will offer you a purchase price. Should you accept our quote, then one of our advisors will be in touch to confirm your details including your pick up address. Finally, a collection agent will give you a call and arrange a suitable time for collection.

Of course, a payment of the agreed amount will be made to you upon collection of the vehicle. You can be paid in a number of ways, including cash, cheque or bank transfer.

The right documents

You will need to make sure you have the current V5 document for your vehicle and any other relevant documentation. On the day of collection, you will be asked to fill out parts of the V5 document for the purpose of notifying the DVLA your intention to sell your vehicle. Once DVLA receives the parts of the V5 that they need from you, they will remove the vehicle out of your name and any associated liabilities going forwards.

You also need to ensure your vehicle is taxed and insured right up to the date of collection. Any tax refunds can be claimed from HMRC using the V14 form.

Scrapping your car really is easy, so act now and give yourself a prosperous start to 2015!