Five Ways to Put a Little Extra Cash in your Pocket

Suffering from a financial slump after Christmas?& If you are, then rest assure you are not alone. Festive extravaganzas often leave many of us severely strapped for cash in the early months of the New Year. There are no two ways about it – we all need more money to pay for all those bills that just keep coming in!

So, what are some good ways to free up a bit of extra cash? Here are five suggestions.

1.Getting rid of your old car

If you have an old or damaged car sitting in the garage with no apparent use, then you are effectively sitting on a sum of cash. There isn’t much point in hanging on to a vehicle that you don’t drive, and in fact, it could be costing you in terms of car tax, motor insurance and repairs to have it pass its annual MOT.

But who would want this old beat up vehicle, you ask? Whatever state your car is in, you can bet BMS Salvage would be a keen buyer. Whether your car has been damaged in an accident, or has simply aged to a point where the yearly repair work required outweighs the value of the car, BMS Salvage will take it off your hands and pay you for it. Renowned for providing competitive prices and excellent customer service, they will even arrange to pick it up at no cost to you.

2. Hop onto eBay

In the same vein as above, you should scan around your home with a critical eye to identify any items that you can sell at online marketplaces like eBay or GumTree. Selling online is a much better way to get rid of unwanted goods because you may only have one or two items worth selling, which renders a car boot sale impractical. You can also reach a wider audience rather than depend on your neighbours to be your potential customers.

3. Returning recent purchases

We all do a little too much shopping before Christmas and during the post-Christmas sales. If there is anything you have changed your mind about, then why not return it and get your money back? It’s better than letting it gather dust around the house.

4. Selling digital photos

Do you love photography? Have you got an eye for taking interesting pictures? There are many websites that buy digital pictures, with and being a couple of popular places for sellers.

The pictures you sell don’t even have to be recent, which means you can trawl through your entire collection that you may have built up over the years and sell them one by one.

5. Rent out a room

If you own your home, another great way to make some money is to rent out a room on a website like AirBnB. You can rent it out by night, week or month depending on what suits you. AirBnB also offers a $1,000,000 guarantee to protect you from property damage. Although it may involve a little bit of work to get your room ready for boarders, it is a genuinely wonderful way to get more out of your assets.