Scrapping Your Car the BMS Way

If you have a car that needs scrapping, possibly because it is no longer economical to keep it on the road, you should be contacting BMS Salvage for the simplest and least hassle free way of disposal. Our knowledge and expertise is second to none, enabling us to keep the whole process as straightforward as possible.

End of life Vehicles

The official name for scrap cars is an end of life vehicle (ELV). According to the Environment Agency (EA) around two million cars reach this stage every year in the UK. That’s a lot of cars that could have a catastrophic effect on our environment if they are not disposed of in the proper manner.

This is exactly why the EA is so strict about its rules and regulations and prosecutes anyone it finds to be falling foul of the law. There are Authorised treatment facilities (ATF) who are licensed to handle and dispose of scrap vehicles and they are constantly monitored by the EA to ensure they comply. They will also prosecute the operators of any illegal sites they come across.

At BMS Salvage we ensure that all ELV’s are disposed of by a reputable ATF so that you have peace of mind about the way your car is being scrapped.

Certificates of Destruction

Under ELV regulations the last registered owner of a vehicle must be issued with a certificate of destruction (CoD) or remain liable for any penalties relating to it.

At BMS we will make sure you are issued with your CoD.

Then there are the other things

These are just two of the legal requirements when you want to scrap your car, but there are other things that BMS Salvage will do that are nothing to do with legalities but because we want our customers to have the highest quality service available. With this in mind we will also:

• Quote you a top price that is guaranteed
• Arrange collection from any place in the UK that you specify
• Agree a time for collection, usually within 48 hours of you making the request
• Under no circumstances will you be charged for collecting the vehicle
• The friendly and helpful drivers will help you complete all the necessary paperwork for DVLA
• You will be paid on the day of collection, the payment method to be agreed between you and the collection agent

We endeavor to offer the best service around for our customers when they want to scrap their car.

The things you need to be aware of

When you contact us to scrap your car there are a few things you need to be aware of to keep the transaction legal and above board. You need to:

• Make sure it is free of any HP liabilities. An HPI check will be carried out before collection is arranged as you cannot scrap a vehicle that has outstanding finance
• Not cancel you insurance until the vehicle has been collected
• Not cancel your road tax until the vehicle has been collected
• Make sure you have the V5 document for the vehicle. Collection can be arranged without it but there is a lot more paperwork involved and you will need some form of photo identification
• Make sure the vehicle has been emptied of all your personal effects

Contacting BMS Salvage

You can contact BMS Salvage either by completing our online form or by calling us on 0230 008800. Either way, you can chat to one of our friendly advisors who will have the expertise to answer any of the questions you may have about scrapping your car.