Your Car Might Not Be Scrap After All

Maybe your car needs a lot of costly work to get it through the MOT, or you might have had a bump in it and only have third party insurance. There can be many reasons why for you the car is too costly to keep on the road that might make you decide that it is time to get rid of the headache and scrap it.

You should call BMS Salvage and speak to one of their advisors before you do anything.

After taking as much detail as possible about the car from you, we will look closely at the best option for you. Some cars, even insurance write offs, can be salvaged and you would be offered a much better price if this is the case. It is not unusual for us to offer a better price than the insurance company when a car has been written off, but also there is the chance of you being allowed to keep the write off which you can then sell on. In this situation you would have the money from the insurance company and the money from BMS Salvage.

The Challenge

Quite often people are looking at garage prices to get their car through the MOT. Insurance companies will tell you how expensive your car is to repair because of the quotes from their recognised repairer. But for some people, buying a damaged repairable car or an MOT failure is a better option than buying an older car for the same money.

The recycling of scrap cars means a much better availability of used parts for many cars, which enthusiasts will purchase to keep the cost of the repairs low. Some of them see repairing or restoring the car as a challenge they relish and will thoroughly enjoy putting the car you thought was scrap back on the road.

There Is Money For Them All

here is always money available for your car, whether it be scrap or salvageable. The secret is in knowing how to maximise that value and that’s where the experience and expertise of BMS Salvage comes into play. We are the UK’s leading buyer of damaged cars.

It does not matter if your car is:

• Scrap
• An insurance write off
• An MOT failure
• Crash damaged

We can find a buyer for every vehicle, but not just any buyer. We work hard to ensure that our customers get the best possible price for their car by taking the time to carry out the research needed and talking to the potential purchasers.

We Do Well When The Customer Does Well

Our extensive experience has shown us that the best way for us to thrive as a business is to ensure that our customers get the highest quality service with as little hassle as possible while still achieving the best price possible for their damaged or scrap vehicle. You can trust BMS Salvage to:

• Arrive at the agreed time at wherever you have specified within the UK
• Not ever to ask you for any collection fees
• To help you with the DLVA paperwork so that you are no longer responsible for the car
• To pay you the price we quoted and not find excuses to reduce it

The aim of our friendly and professional advisors is to make sure you are happy with the treatment you receive from BMS Salvage. Call them on 02380 008800 to discuss the possibilities of treatment for your car. Alternatively, you can complete our online form so one of them can assess the details and contact you with a quote.