Think Smart! Drive Smart! And Save Money

With the price of almost everything in our society on the rise, including the price of fuel, saving money, is more or less a necessity to surviving in this economic climate. Whether you drive a Nissan, Vauxhall or Volkswagen, fuel consumption cannot be avoided, so how can you get smart and drive more economically?

Start by losing weight

Don’t take it personal! Bear in mind that your car engine will have to work harder if there is extra weight in the vehicle. Remove unnecessary items from the car before you start out on your journey otherwise you’ll find yourself right back at the petrol station in a hurry.

Servicing and Maintenance

Make sure that your car is engine efficient by taking it to get serviced regularly. You can also carry out some basic maintenance tasks such as regular tyre checking for tread wear and the correct pressure in all tyres on the vehicle. Unbalanced or under inflated tyres can be a safety hazard as well as it uses more fuel.

Stop aggressive acceleration

It is possible to save fuel by keeping the car moving smoothly rather than stopping and starting which uses more fuel. However, you’ll want to avoid pressing the accelerator too harshly as this will use up more fuel. 30mph road sign

Take it slow

Although some motorists may get annoyed by other drivers moving too slowly, sticking to the speed limit is economy smart. Driving too fast tends to increase fuel consumption and pollution so, slowing it down is better.

Let in some fresh air

Switching off the air conditioning is easier on fuel consumption particularly when travelling at low speeds. So, turn off the air con and open up the windows. If you’re travelling a long journey at high speed, the air conditioning is more effective.

Forward planning

Planning your route can help you to avoid long delays and taking the wrong turns, which could lead to using more fuel. If you do get stuck in traffic, particularly on the motorway, consider switching off your engine to save fuel and money.

Walk, Cycle or Drive if you must

It goes without saying that saving money on bills can be reduced by ditching the car and walking or cycling the journey instead of driving, plus there are great health benefits that come with bit of physical exercise. If you can do without taking the car, choose a healthy alternative.

How Many Cars Do You Need?

If you’re seriously thinking about saving money and your household has several vehicles, consider whether you would be able to manage without one. You could save a significant amount of money and reduce your monthly / annual costs by getting rid of at least one household vehicle. Think about using public transport instead, it could work out cheaper. You could get your current car scrapped for money, and immediately start saving money. This is handy if your current car is damaged or old and past its prime!

You’d be amazed how much of a saving you could make while contributing to a cleaner, more eco-friendly environment just by following a few simple steps. Be smart and save some of your hard earned cash.