Scratches, Dents and Damage

Bumps and scrapes are sadly a regular occurrence on the roads – just look around any car park and you’ll likely find at least one car that’s got some form of small damage to its bodywork. Thankfully, here at BMS Salvage, we’re used to seeing cars with a bit a ding here and there, and we’re the perfect people to come to if you want the very best price for a damaged car.

How to avoid scratches, dents and body damage?

Avoiding scratches, dents and body damage is perhaps the epitome of a ‘fool’s errand’. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, there’s always the possibility that something may happen when on the roads that you simply can’t avoid. Instead, you can minimise your likelihood of suffering any of these scrapes, such as making sure you keep your distance on faster roads (to avoid any stones being thrown up by the car ahead). You can also try to make sure you park in the far corners of car parks away from any other vehicle – but this of course relies on being able to find such spaces! Keeping on top of your car and fixing any minor defects before they escalate is the easiest way to stop a small scratch or dent turning into anything worse.

What do scratches and dents mean for salvage vehicles?

If you’re scrapping your car, then any minor bodywork damage won’t make too much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. However, it’s important that you are accurate with the way you describe your car when gaining a quote – failure to mention any scratches or dents on the body during the information gathering process will mean you will not be provided with an accurate valuation, and you could find your offer is reduced when the car is collected. If you’re selling as salvage, then again you need to make sure you are as detailed as possible with your information. Damage to the bodywork means that particular section cannot be used as spare parts, so will likely have an impact on any prices you are provided. It’s also worth remembering that just because something looks small and innocuous, it could have caused more significant damage under the metal.

Cost of repair vs Value of Vehicle

You’d be surprised at just how quickly the cost of body repairs rockets up, especially if repainting is required. For this reason, you could find that just a simple bump or scrape could result in the repair bill being more than the value of your car in total. If you’re not sure if you should repair the car or get rid of it, then have a look at how much your car is worth on the second hand market. If your repairs are equal to, or more than, the value of your car, then repairing it probably isn’t your best option.

Get the best price with BMS Salvage

If you’re going to sell your car as salvage, then you can’t do much better than the #1 buyer of damaged cars in the country. We can guarantee you a simple way to get the very best price for your car, no matter its condition. Dealing with both scrap and salvage vehicles, we’ll offer you a competitive quote no matter where you are in the country. With free collection thrown in, there’s no better way to get the best price for your scrap or salvage car. Get started today and see just how much your broken and unwanted car could be worth.