Dumping Your Car is Illegal

When BMS Salvage will pay you for a car you want to scrap, why would you just dump it and receive nothing at all?  Particularly as dumping is illegal in the UK, instead of receiving hard cash all you will receive is a visit from the local police and a possible prosecution, which can result in heavy fines.  There is also the possibility that if someone is injured because of a car you are responsible for dumping, the victim could make a personal injury compensation claim against you.

The reasons for car dumping being illegal

With somewhere in the region of two million cars reaching the end of their life in the UK every year, the whole country would be like one huge scrapyard if everyone just dumped their car. After just a few years there would be more dumped cars than there is cars on our roads. For environmental reasons alone, you should make sure your scrap vehicle is dealt with in a proper manner.

An overgrown car that has been dumped

Dumped cars can become an eyesore for local residents as well as a danger to their homes if vandals set light to them, which often happens.  A burning car will give off dangerous fumes from the materials in it and also from the different fluids that have been left in it, and could possibly explode and cause serious injury to anyone close by.

Sometimes they are stripped of anything of any value and just the shell left.  This can be very tempting to young children to play in and it is not unheard for a small child to be locked in the boot of an abandoned car.  What if the vandals were then to set light to it – the consequences do not bear thinking about.

Contact BMS Salvage before you dump your car

If you, or anyone you know, are contemplating dumping their car, give BMS Salvage a call first.  Speak to one of our friendly advisors to find out how much your car might be worth.

You might be surprised that the car you consider to be scrap is a car that someone else would buy, you might end up with more cash than you thought when you sell your car to BMS Salvage.

We are the UK’s number 1 market place for damaged cars, because we pay the most competitive prices available.  It does not matter if your car is crash damaged or just doesn’t run any longer, we will always find a buyer and will pay you the top price.  Once you have been quoted a price, we guarantee that is what you will receive.

Our collectors will not haggle when they turn up to fetch the vehicle and they will never try and charge you for the collection. Usually, a collection can be arranged within 48 hours of a price being agreed – anywhere in the UK at a time and place to suit you.

The legal implications

Whether your car is being scrapped or sold onto another party, our friendly and helpful collectors will help you complete all the necessary DVLA paperwork to ensure that you are no longer liable for anything to do with the car.  After all, if the new owner is caught speeding you do not want the fine falling on your doorstep.

Don’t take the dumping way

So rather than just dump your car and have all the implications that can bring, call BMS Salvage on 02380 008800. We will determine whether your car is worth repairing and selling on, worth selling for parts or if it is ready to be crushed and recycled.

Whichever we decide, it will only be done with your agreement and a price guaranteed.