How Do Scrap Yards Make Their Money

There’s money to be made in metal – that’s a fact. If it was that simple, though, everyone would do it. So just how exactly do those who deal in scraps of the stuff make a living? This is how.

What Is The Process For Scrapping Or Salvaging A Car?

Your part of the process is as simple as getting a quote and arranging a collection time for your car to be taken away. At least, it’s that easy with BMS Salvage! Once your car is in the hands of the scrap or salvage agent, their process is a bit more complex but has been refined to its simplest form.

The vehicle is first determined to be either scrap or salvage. It will be considered salvage if it can still be broken down into parts that can be reused. Whilst most vehicles have at least some salvageable parts, those that have been brandished with a category A title must be scrapped in their entirety.

If any useful parts remain, they’ll now be removed. Afterwards, the car will be broken down with its components separated out so that they can be recycled. Metals, plastics, fabrics… at least 95% of every car that’s scrapped is recycled. It’s a legal requirement.

The raw materials that are recovered, along with the metal itself from the car, hold the value that makes scrap yards money.

How Is A Car’s Scrap Or Salvage Value Calculated?

Whether your vehicle is being scrapped or salvaged, the initial valuation of the car is determined by its total weight.

It will be placed onto a giant scale to weigh it, with heavier vehicles being worth more than lighter ones. For example, a hefty Transit van will be worth more than a Citroen C1.

There are other factors that influence the value of your car, however. The age, make & model, along with the overall condition of the motor can increase or decrease a valuation. A Transit that’s a total write off could end up being worth less than a car half its size that’s being sold in relatively good condition.

Ready to find out how much your car is worth to a scrap or salvage dealer? Give the UK’s number one damaged car buyer, BMS Salvage a call on 023 8000 8800 and you can get a valuation almost instantly, with free collection included!