What Are The Most Expensive Car Parts?

Cars are not cheap, with their value on the forecourts being calculated by the sum of their parts. Of course, strip those parts out and some of them will have a much higher value than others. Here are the most expensive components you’ll find in your motor.

Catalytic Converter

These components are notorious for being worth lots of money, for all the wrong reasons. It’s not the price that these are selling for in the shops, but rather the ridiculous rate at which they’re stolen from innocent drivers to be sold on by crooks that catches the eye.

Cat converters, as they’re known, contain precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium and since they can be removed from a car discreetly and in quick time, they’re an easy, profitable target.

Highest Price: £1,000+


We don’t think we need to explain the importance of this component in too much detail. Your car is going nowhere without an engine. Engine theft is much less common because, as any mechanic will tell you, getting one out of a car is a major hassle. Trying to do this discreetly at the side of the road only makes it more difficult.

It’s damage that can render your car useless and in need of a new engine. Crash damage, of course, can mangle it up but a vehicle’s engine can suffer in other ways. Use the wrong oil, or forget to keep it lubricated? Your engine is in for a world of pain as metal grinds on metal. Drive through flood water that’s a little bit too deep? If it gets through the air intake, you’re in trouble. Even time itself will damage your car’s engine. Wear and tear is a very real problem!

Highest Price: £4,000+


The clutch is another essential component that allows a car’s transmission to link with its engine. Each time a car changes gear, the clutch pedal is pressed (in manuals, at least, although the same process does occur in automatic vehicles) which allows the gearbox to shift up or down in response to the rpm that the motor is currently performing.

Clutches can wear out and when they do, their bite point can shrink to an almost unattainable size, making it very difficult to switch gear effectively or even maintain first gear driving without stalling.

Highest Price: £1,000+

Head Gasket

Yet another vitally important part of any internal combustion engine vehicle, the head gasket provides the seal that allows the process to take place. Simultaneously, it stops coolant and oil from becoming mixed.

If this component breaks in any way, your car should be taken out of action until this part is fixed or replaced and, as you will have gathered from its place on this list, it’s not a cheap job.

Highest Price: £1,500+

Naturally, if any part of your car gives out on you, it’s going to cost something to get it fixed. Even if you’re skilled enough with a spanner to fit a replacement yourself, you still need to buy said replacement and that can cost a small fortune in itself. 

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