Is it safe to buy a Category N car?

Road safety is at the forefront of every responsible driver’s mind. In this day and age, it’s also a major focus for vehicle manufacturers who pack their cars with as many high-tech features as possible to reach peak safety performance. This is why many drivers turn their nose up at a car which falls into one of the much-loathed salvage categories… but should they? Are category N cars actually a risk, or are they totally safe to buy?

What Is A Category N Car?

When they’re written off, cars are given a title that remains with them for the rest of their existence. It can never be removed, no matter what you do. These titles – A, B, S & N – are given to vehicles based on the severity of the damage they’ve suffered and how feasible it is for them to ever be safely placed back on the road in legal circumstances.

While A & B cars must be scrapped without exception, S & N vehicles are able to be repaired and driven again. We’ve covered ‘cat S’ cars already, so let’s talk about N cars. The N stands for ‘Non-structural’ which means that the vehicle, despite being seriously damaged, hasn’t sustained any impacts that damaged it’s physical structure. The chassis, pillars and other areas that make up the shell of the car are intact and unaffected.

Category N is the best case scenario for any written off car, with it being the group containing the least-damaged cars.

What Aren’t Some Cat N Cars Repaired?

Regardless of which category marker they’re given, cars are almost always written off because the cost of repairs outweighs the value of the vehicle itself, making it uneconomical to bring the car back to a road legal standard. This results in the majority of drivers (and their insurance companies) simply opting to scrap or salvage the car and settle for a cash payout instead.

Of course, there are also plenty of other motorists who don’t believe in scrapping a car that’s still got some life left in it. With a large investment of time, money and knowledge, the right person can revitalise these stricken motors and get them back on the road legally and safely.

Is It Safe To Buy A Cat N Car?

There are a number of drivers who will tell you “no” and insist that you go nowhere near a car with any salvage title. Some insurance companies might even refuse to offer you a policy for a category N car, so it’s worth doing some research into this before taking a punt on a particular vehicle.

On the other hand, these vehicles are safe as far as the DVLA is concerned. They must pass an MOT test and wouldn’t be allowed on the road if they were deemed to be a safety risk. Some drivers who have the experience to look at a cat N car and spot even the most obscure faults that might arise may not even consider buying one a risk in the slightest. Ultimately, it’s down to your own discretion, but on paper, there should be nothing to worry about.

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