Is It Safe to Buy a Category S Car?

With so many vehicles on our roads, the chance of 2 or more bumping into each other is higher than ever. Therefore, safety is paramount and drivers want a car that will get them from A to B not only in comfort, but in one piece too. So, when a category S car comes on the market for a fraction of the regular price, some might feel like they’ve found a bargain, whereas others wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Who’s in the right? Are category S cars safe to buy and drive?

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What Is A Category S Car?

Cars are given category markers after they’re written off, usually through an accident but occasionally due to massive mechanical failures. There are four categories in total – A, B, S & N – but only cars placed into two of those (known as salvage categories) can ever be put back on the road again. Luckily, S is one such category that, along with N, can be legally driven once it’s been repaired, unlike A & B which are so severely damaged that they must be scrapped.

The S in question stands for ‘Structural’ which should immediately give you an idea of the kind of damage the vehicle has sustained. Category S cars have received fairly substantial damage that has impacted (quite literally) its structure. This means that the chassis, pillars or other parts of the vehicle’s ‘skeleton’ have suffered, but thankfully, can be repaired.

Once a vehicle has been given a scrap or salvage category title, it can never be removed or rescinded.

Why Aren’t Some Cat S Cars Repaired?

As with any write off, the cost of repairs (judged based on the standard market rates) will outweigh the value of the vehicle itself. Since many people do not have much of a connection with our cars these days and view them as disposable, the vast majority of us would simply sell it as scrap or salvage and cash in on the insurance money.

However, there are some people who have the money, expertise, connections or even just the passion to take on a repair project of their own and revive their stricken car. These category S cars, once they’re finally made safe to drive again, are put back on the road.

Is It Safe To Buy A Cat S Car?

While some people would insist that it’s not, and insurance companies might charge a small fortune to cover it in fear of the vehicle breaking, there technically should not be any concern around buying a category S car. This is because a cat S vehicle will still have to pass an MOT, just like any other car or van to prove its own road worthiness.

One thing to bear in mind, however, is that not every repairer of a cat S car will be selling it with an MOT pass certificate and might just be looking to make a quick buck at your expense. Don’t be surprised if you purchase a cat S car and find that it promptly fails an MOT test. This would mean that your new acquisition was not safe to buy.

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