A Guide To Taking Care of Your Old Car

Servicing and maintenance is vital for any vehicle and particularly if you own an old car it is important for helping to extend the cars lifecycle, ensuring that it lasts longer and holds its value.

Although MOT tests are carried out once every year, bear in mind that these test are done to ensure that your car is roadworthy and does not include the general aspects of a cars mechanical condition so there are some things that you will need to take responsibility for in terms of your cars maintenance. old car being repaired

Regular tyre checking can help you to save money; incorrectly inflated tyres are not only a factor in poor fuel efficiency but also tyres that haven’t been inflated properly, are a safety issue. With many service stations and petrol stations offering cheap or free air, there really is no excuse for not checking your tyre pressure.

In addition to tyre pressure checks, wheel alignment (or tracking) checks can help to preserve tyres as it means that they are not being overworked. Wheel alignment can prevent rapid and irregular tyre wear and affects the handling and safety of your car.

If for any reason you’re planning not to use your car for a while, make sure that the engine is kept ticking over. Ask a friend or relative to turn the ignition every day or at least every other day, especially in colder weather conditions as older engines are likely to seize up if the car is not used for a long period. Bear in mind that some car service centres also offer free battery checks which might also be a good idea.

Regularly servicing an old car will also help to make sure everything that needs to be in working order, is in working order and is a good time to find out whether any components need to be repaired or replaced. Changing a car’s oil and air filters and oil help the car to run better without clogging the engine and contributes to better fuel economy.

Finding a reliable mechanic is useful but not absolutely necessary, using the same mechanic can ensure that your car is getting the care that it needs to keep it going, however, you can keep a service history in case you decide to switch your mechanic. Keeping a service history can help the new mechanic to know what work has been done to your car without you having to remember everything.

The body work of some very old cars tends to appear more faded than newer cars so taking care of the exterior is important. Washing your car frequently is a good starting point as dirt laying on the surface for a long period of time can cause discoloration. It’s a good idea to get your old car polished once in a while.

Pay attention to the inside of the car as well as the outer. Removing any spills and soiling inside the car i.e. on the seats, can prevent staining. If left for too long, spills can be generally more difficult to remove. Vacuuming the interior (not forgetting to clean the boot) and even adding fragrance can make such a difference and can even make an old car feel like new. You might have an old car but it doesn’t have to look it!

Scratches and minor damage to the exterior shouldn’t be overlooked either, you should think about getting these repaired, this is of course, if the cost of repairing your old car doesn’t exceed its value.

Taking care of your old car can increase the resale value if you ever decide to upgrade so maintaining the condition of your car can definitely work in your favour.

Breakdown cover will give you peace of mind so if the old car decides to give up on you, you won’t be left stranded.

If taking care of your old car is too much hassle and you’re thinking of scrapping your old car, a reputable scrap dealer like BMS Salvage can eliminate your troubles. Contact BMS today to start the process.