Top Tips for Selling your Car

Perhaps you have plans to upgrade your vehicle to a newer model, or maybe you just want some extra cash in the bank, but if you are reading this post, then you are probably looking to sell your car quickly and for good money as well.

The first mistake you can make as a potential seller is to underestimate the competition. Unless you own a rare vehicle, you will be competing with lots of other sellers who are trying to get rid of similar cars to yours. This makes it more of a buyers’ market, meaning they can be fussier about the mechanical condition, service history and presentation of a vehicle before making their purchase.

Making your car more desirable

Just because there are other sellers in the market, it doesn’t mean you have to lower your price to get buyers’ attention.

There are a few simple things you can do to make your car stand out from the crowd. For example, clean your car and make sure it looks neat and tidy both inside and out before you even put up an advertisement. Also, carry out repairs to any minor paintwork damage and small mechanical faults to improve its appeal.

Getting a new MOT is another great idea, as this is a fantastic way to reassure potential buyers of the basic condition of your vehicle.

Make sure you have all documents relating to your car ready, including its service history and MOT certificates.

Describing your vehicle

While it might be tempting to use the most favourable words and phrases you can think of to describe your used vehicle, you have to make sure you are being truthful and accurate.

Bear in mind that if your car isn’t roadworthy, you need to state this clearly or else you will actually be breaking the law. So, if your car is damaged beyond repair or is simply too old, you are better off scrapping it rather than trying to sell it. Saving you time and offering competitive quotes, BMS Salvage is a trusted buyer of crash damaged cars, insurance write-offs and repairable vehicles. Wherever you are located, BMS Salvage can arrange to take your unwanted vehicle off your hands for free.


We all want as much money as we can get, but before you set your ideal price tag, do some research. Take a look at the classifieds in magazines and newspapers as well as online marketplaces such as Autotrader and ExchangeandMart to get a sense of what your car is worth realistically.

Beware of bogus buyers

You may come across bogus buyers that are actually out to steal to your car. To protect yourself from unscrupulous thieves, take the following precautions:

  • Don’t let anyone photocopy or take pictures of documents relating to your vehicle.
  • Before allowing a potential buyer to test drive your vehicle, take down their contact details and actually check them. Most importantly, take down their driver licence details.
  • Insist on accompanying the buyer during a test drive.

Remember, car thieves are out there preying on innocent victims every day. So don’t be afraid to be assertive and protect your asset.