What do I need to scrap a car?

Scrapping your car has changed a lot over the past decade, and now there are is a far greater number of legal requirements to adhere to than simply swapping a car for a handful of cash and thinking nothing of it. A large number of our customers here at BMS Salvage are interested in scrapping their cars, so we thought it would be useful to provide you with a simple checklist on what you need to legally scrap your car.

Man signing document with car keys on table.

Items and Paperwork you’ll need to scrap a car:

V5C (Log Book)

Although it may not seem so, scrapping is just another car sale. Rather than selling to another motorist, you’re selling it to a scrap merchant, who will then ply their trade. As this is a car sale, you’ll need to make sure you have your log book ready to ensure everything will be in line with legal requirements. Failure to complete the relevant section to transfer ownership of your vehicle could result in you receiving a £1000 fine. The DVLA could also assume that the car is still in your possession, with future penalties being sent to you.


Collecting or recovering a car without a set of keys makes the job decidedly more difficult. Of course the job is not impossible, but the additional difficulties will be reflected in any prices that you are offered for your car.

Additional Items and Paperwork you’ll want when salvaging a car:

The following items are not a necessity when selling your car as salvage, but they’ll help you get a more favourable price when doing so:

Owner’s Manual

Also known as the instruction book or user guide, the owner’s manual comes with all cars when new. It explains all features and functions work, such as air conditioning and any electronics such as infotainment systems. Being able to provide this will mean any future buyers will have papers explaining how their car should be working.

Service History

Providing service history means you can provide an accurate snapshot of your car’s history to potential buyers. It also shows that you’re not trying to be disingenuous with regards to what your car has been through. Likewise, with a full service history, potential buyers can’t use it as a bargaining chip to lower potential offers.


Going hand-in-hand with your service history, any receipts you have provide an even more detailed history of what works your car has been through. 

What Happens If I don’t Have These Documents?

If you’re missing any of the above items, then you can absolutely still scrap your car or sell it as salvage. You just might find the process a little less straightforward than if you’d had them all ready to go. If any of the items above are missing, it will have an adverse impact on any quotes receive when looking to scrap or sell as salvage.

Scrapping Made Simple with BMS Salvage

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