Salvage Your Car or Van in Watford for Cash

Are you looking for a trusted scrap service in Watford to take your vehicle? BMS Salvage has got you covered! Whether your vehicle runs or not, is in good condition or is completely damaged, our knowledgeable hub of scrap and salvage buyers are experienced and professional, they’ll collect any vehicle, in any condition, completely free of charge. You’ll find no extra costs, just a professional, simple service for selling your vehicle for scrap or salvage. Find out how much your car could be worth in just 60 seconds, it’s quick and 100% free.

Salvage my car in Watford

As our buyers operate across the country, we’ll be able to find you the best deal which might not be on your doorstep. Our friendly team will guide you through the process and our buyers will give you a hand with the paperwork and pay you on the same day your vehicle is collected. Whether you live in Watford, Long Buckby, West Haddon or Welton, BMS Salvage will do the hard work for you and make the process easy and efficient so you don’t have to worry. Plus, our friendly team will always be at the other end of the phone if you need some assistance. Get started today and enter your details into our quote calculator. 

MOT failures wanted in Watford

If your vehicle fails its MOT test, then you can only take your vehicle away if there were no ‘dangerous’ faults detected and your MOT certificate is still valid. MOT failures are inconvenient but not uncommon, your vehicle could fail for a number of reasons from faulty seat belts to worn brake pads, deflated tyres to an obscured drivers view. Whatever the reason for your MOT failure, BMS Salvage can still collect it free of charge, in any condition. So if your vehicle is stuck and not road worthy, get a top price from one of our expert buyers, wherever you are in the UK. 

Salvage FAQs

How many salvage quotes can I make?

You can make one quote per vehicle. Each quote will be valid for 24 hours only.

What happens if I have multiple vehicles?

No problem, you can only make one quote per vehicle. Each quote will be valid for 24 hours only. Find out more about how our quotes work. 

Do I need to take any photos of my vehicle?

If the vehicle was involved in a collision, photos are very important. There is a section within the form where you can upload your photos. Please ensure that the images are clear and show the full damage on the vehicle.

Do I need the insurance details or service history?

No, we do not need your insurance details and any service history you can provide on the car would be appreciated, but it’s not mandatory. 

How long will it take until I receive the money?

All payments will be submitted once the vehicle has been collected. The time it will take to be processed will depend on the method used. Please note, if payment is made via cheque it can take up to 3-4 days. In addition, bank transfers can be instant or take a few days to process.

Where can I find out more about the salvage process?

To find out more about BMS Salvage and our process, you can read our helpful salvage with all the information you need to know to get you started.

Other locations near me

BMS Salvage operates up and down the UK and we can collect from pretty much anywhere. Contact us for a quick, hassle free collection anywhere in the UK. Here are some of our larger collection areas:

How can I find out more?

Read our most common salvage FAQs. If you have any queries which are not featured on this page, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, our team will be happy to assist you.